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Most churches have no idea what to do with a demonically oppressed or tormented person. This is important, even critical information, to set people free. There is an order and it brings powerful deliverance. I will never get tired of watching someone’s countenance change right before my eyes. I love it! It brings me great joy!

Over the years, I’ve prayed for thousands. Experience and the Holy Spirit are great teachers. I have learned what works and have broken it down into practical teachings.  The order is: repent, renounce, break the yoke, command the spirit to go in Jesus’ name, and fill.


Repentance means asking Jesus to forgive our sin. It means turning around and walking in the opposite direction you are walking. During all inner healing and deliverance, the altar worker will lead the person in a “repeat after me” prayer of repentance. Repenting is like the salvation prayer. The Bible says to confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead. If you confess Me – I will confess you to my Father in heaven. Therefore, repentance is spoken out loud. The altar worker leads the person in a repentance prayer. They repeat the repentance prayer with sincerity in their heart.


This step is very important. The person must renounce out loud every demonic stronghold separately (or one at a time). This proclaims to the authorities (God, Jesus Christ, or devil) who we serve, who we believe in, and who we pledge our allegiance to. Each of my Altar Army leaders are trained to get to the root spirit or root cause and lead the person in a renouncing prayer. This is a declaration that the person wants the spirit gone with all of its slavery, bondage, symptoms, and oppressions from the demonic realm. Rebuking is not the same as renouncing; do not confuse the two. One must also renounce pacts, vows, and agreements with the enemy. In the case of unholy soul ties, altar workers must have them renounce each one separately and by name, if possible. In the case with witchcraft or occult involvement, every participation must be renounced specifically and audibly.


A stronghold is a demonic fortress of thoughts housing evil spirits that control, dictate, and influence your attitudes and behavior.

Strongholds have the power to oppress, discourage, and filter how you view or react to situations, circumstances, or people. A person cannot free themself of a stronghold. Psalms 33:16b says that a mighty man cannot deliver himself. That’s why there is such a great need for an Altar Army. Now, the Altar Army worker tells the person to “not pray” but be in a position of receiving from the Lord. Isaiah 58:6 says that the anointing of almighty Yahweh God through Jesus Christ breaks off yokes. Yokes are demonic entanglements or oppressions that greatly hinder our lives. They may have become strongholds in our life. The Altar Army worker breaks off these yokes (fear, anger, lust, heaviness, etc.) one at a time in Jesus’ name. The spirit is addressed by the altar worker and commanded (with authority) to go in Jesus’ name. This step must not be hurried, as it is crucial for the altar worker to watch and discern that the spirit is leaving and is completely out. We are the “finger of God” which means we are His hands, power, and authority extended. We do not have to yell, but give the command knowing our authority in Jesus Christ. It should be evident that the person is getting free.


Manifestation can be vomiting, screaming, eyes rolling back in their head, voice changing, and more, but, most of the time, it’s crying, feeling weak or dizzy, sweating, or coughing. Make sure the person gets free by asking them how he/she feels. The altar worker must keep their eyes open and be able to discern and hear from the Holy Spirit through this process. It should be evident that the person is getting free.


Once the yoke is broken and the spirit commanded to go, the Altar Army worker prays for the Holy Spirit to fill all the vacated places in their soul with the supernatural love of Jesus. The altar worker should fill the person with all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit at this time as well. Take your time here – don’t hurry. Have the person take deep breaths during this time as filling them up with God’s love and fruits is a powerful, tangible experience. I know that the Holy Spirit is the breath of God, Himself, therefore the filing comes through “breathing in” His love and presence. This whole experience is emotional and powerful. It’s our great privilege here at The House Modesto to see God powerfully deliver His children. Deliverance is the children’s bread.


Deborah Berteau, wife of Pastor Glen Berteau, have been in ministry 40 years. Together, they pastor The House in Modesto, CA., a church of 9,000. Her passion and in-depth study of prayer, fasting, intercession, and breaking generational curses have resulted in House of Prayer service with 1,000 attending weekly. Her legacy is seeded in her three children and five grandchildren, who are all in full time ministry.

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