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Christianity Lite Book



Almost every food and beverage today also has a “lite” version–potato chips,

whipped cream, maple syrup, soda, beer… You may even remember an ad

campaign for a light beer a few years back, “Tastes great. Less filling.”


Many of us have taken that same attitude–sometimes even without realizing it–

and applied it to our faith. We want blessings, but without obedience. Comfort, but

without sacrifice. Happiness, but without repentance. As a result, we have watered

down, decaffeinated, and diluted the message of the gospel until it really has no

effect on our lives or the lives of others.


In Christianity Lite Glen Berteau calls us back to the full gospel message: Jesus

didn’t come to make our normal, selfish, sinful lives a little better. He came to

radically transform life as we know it. This narrow way, the way of grace-inspired

obedience, is the only way to find the real Jesus, real meaning, real hope, and a life

where we’ll really live!

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