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I Live For You To Be Free



“I was a southern girl who was raised Baptist. I always had a heart for God and received Him as my Savior at the age of eight. But for as long as I can remember, I was fearful, insecure, and felt rejected. The fear was gripping, debilitating, and paralyzing. The devil wanted to oppress every part of my life. Fear became a stronghold in my life early on. As a young child, I had the fear of public speaking, being the center of attention, dentists, elevators, heights, horses, big dogs, and fear of adults or authority figures. As I grew up, I learned what to stay away from. I would shrink back from situations that made me afraid. Little did I know that I was doing exactly what the enemy wanted. I had always hated being the center of attention. Therefore, I couldn’t enjoy my own birthday parties and walking down the aisle at my wedding turned out to be terrifying. THIS IS MY STORY. If you struggle with fear or know someone that does get them this book!” -Deborah Berteau

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